Heroes Evolved – Southeast Asia Server and other news

Demand rockets for new servers in the smash hit MOBA, players rejoice as local servers are announced.

Heroes Evolved - Southeast Asia Server and other news
As the fanbase for Heroes Evolved grows around the world, players have been vocal towards new server requests. Between Russia, Brazil and many countries in Southeast Asia, the communities are fighting over who will get the next server. Heroes Evolved announced yesterday that a new server to cover SEA will be online, bringing the total currently to 4. The team also said they will add 5 languages soon, German, French, Russian, Spanish & Portuguese.

Not to mention a new Hero named Arborus will join the roster, as well as a in game events for players to complete. A new UI is being rolled out across the platforms, to ensure a streamlined experience.

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    Dam i sit with my friend next to each other and we cannot join the same server lol. The SEA Server


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