Heroes Evolved available on iOS Mobile Devices

iOS fans have been waiting since the Android version went live recently, Publisher R2Games promises same experience for Apple.

Heroes Evolved available on iOS Mobile Devices

January 26th, 2017

When the Android version of smash MOBA hit, Heroes Evolved was released, thousands of players downloaded in anticipation. The response was well received by players. Mainly due to the unique features that separates them from the competition.

iOS users have been waiting for the ability to join the fun. With only a week between the two releases, it’s a move that once again, shows Heroes Evolved cares what players think.

Heroes Evolved made the announcement that the iOS version has been released and will go live soon, with no difference in gameplay. Drawing on 5 years of experience in MOBA game development and worldwide success with the PC client, Heroes Evolved mobile has finally launched worldwide on App Store and Google Play. We are sure that 2017 will be the year for Heroes Evolved.


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    how to bring back my acct from ios i download it to my new phone its android but when i play why start from new game pls teach me how to back my old acct to my new phone tnx alot


  2. Avatar photo

    Im playing with my facebook accnt linked in android dvce however its dffrent in ios… cant connect with el nido server in SEA


  3. Avatar photo

    There’s no el nido server in apple


  4. Avatar photo

    why no ankor server on IOS ??? thanks

  5. Avatar photo

    Can I play with iOS players on my android phone?

  6. Avatar photo

    when they will realy release on ios?

  7. Avatar photo

    I can’t find the game on the AppStore.


    • Avatar photo

      They announced their plans to release the game soon on iOS. It is not live yet.


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