Hero Collecting RPG Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates Is All Set for a Global Release in April 2023

Mobile game development company Haegin has announced their latest hero collecting adventure role-playing game, Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates. The game is set to launch in April of this year, and preregistration will open up later this month.

Hero Collecting RPG Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates Is All Set for a Global Release in April 2023

From the creators of Home Run Clash and Play Together comes a brand new mobile adventure RPG, Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates. Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates is a hero collecting game centered around a fantasy world filled with unique heroes from five different nations and the bonds they will come to share on the journey that brings them together. Along with the immersive story, appealing art, and flashy cutscenes, the game also has a heavy focus on characters, with a notable 75 heroes to be made available as soon as the game launches.

One of the highlights of the game, apart from the convenient “level-sharing system”, a feature that allows players to rapidly raise their characters, is the real-time, large-scale PvP content. Players will be able to participate in guild battles of up to 200 users.

Demian Saga is one of the first RPGs made by Haegin. Up until now, the mobile game company had only ever developed games with a focus on casual gameplay. Their most noteworthy being Play Together, a social MMO that has already surpassed 100 million downloads since its release in April of 2021.

Do you want to Play Together? (EN)

Preregistration for Demian Saga is not yet open, but the official release date being next month implies that signups, as well as a gameplay reveal trailer are on their way. More updates will be posted as soon as they’re made available, so stay tuned.

Source: Demian Saga Press Release

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