Here’s why Wrecking mode is only limited to 5v5 player count

It was a design decision as opposed to being limited by technical constraints. You still get to destroy everything you see on the map. This will not affect anything that was promised since the game reveal.

Here's why Wrecking mode is only limited to 5v5 player count
Wrecking mode in Crackdown 3 is capped at 5v5 player count. In a time where we fight against 100 players for glory, this seems like not so welcoming for a game that is marketed as "Cloud powered". One developer suggested that this was due to technical constraints which made it sound like Microsoft Cloud Tech was not strong enough to handle 100 players in a lobby.

In the latest issue (173) of Xbox: The Official Magzine, Joseph Staten, lead on Crackdown 3, went back on that statement by saying:

“That was a design-led decision, it wasn’t a technical constraint, Five versus five gave us a good balance, especially with map size and overall chaos. Crackdown 3 is very fast; you’re hyper-agile, the world is blowing up all around you and if you are surrounded by 50 other players it just becomes much harder, I think, to feel powerful. This way, you can really stand out, take aggressive actions and be rewarded for them. You can feel like an Agent. So, really, it came down to design; there’s certainly the ability to have more or fewer players but as we’ve playtested it over the years we just gelled around team-based five versus five action.”

Players won't care much about the player count if the game delivers on the destruction and action that was promised since day one.

Crackdown 3 launches on February 15, for PC and Xbox One.

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