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Here’s everything coming out in Destiny 2’s Black Armory DLC

The Black Armory content for Annual Pass owners comes out December 4. Season 5 has currently started. It's time to jump back in and gain some loot Guardians.

Here's everything coming out in Destiny 2's Black Armory DLC
The wait is finally over, Bungie has finally announced what we can expect from their controversial "Annual Pass". Starting from December 4, players will get their hands on Black Armory. Every week Destiny players will get something new to experience. Every season will have its own raids and increased power level. The final DLC will launch in August of 2019. If you don't own the Annual Pass, don't worry, you will still have access to Holiday events like Dawning and Crimson. You can still reset your rank and most important, pinnacle weapons are for everyone. The annual pass holders will get access to larger content drops with each season as shown in the image below:

Here's everything coming out in Destiny 2's Black Armory DLC - Road Map
Starting from December 4, Black Armory will let you experience forges. The forges are supposed to be a new horde-mode activity where you and your fireteam have to defend the forge until it builds you a weapon. The three forges were owned by families hailing from different parts of the world, with one family being Nordic, one French, and the last being Japanese. Each weapon that the player forges will have aesthetic details from those different families. With each month you get access to a new forge. Bungie has also added dedicated matchmaking to this activity, something that fans have been asking since the release of Warmind "Escalation Protocol" activity. For weapons, we will get our hands on:

  • A sniper that holds four bullets and can one-hit body shot.
  • A bow that has the ability to shoot "pestilence arrows" that does void damage to surrounding enemies.
  • A cannon similar to Tractor cannon that fires fireballs.
  • A grenade launcher similar to Lord of Wolves that does arc damage and can be chained to cause more damage in an area.

Here's everything coming out in Destiny 2's Black Armory DLC - Black Armory Road Map
Players will also have access to a new Raid Lair and Dawning. The new Raid Lair is called "Scourge of the Past". During the Season of the Forge, players will embark on a journey to reclaim "The Last Word". The season will come to an end during the Crimson event in February and will kick start Season of Drifter. We still don't know what Bungie is planning to do after the annual pass. Rumors suggest that they could be working on a second major expansion. But plans change and we could see a Destiny 3 reveal. Only time will tell. Be sure to check out the complete ViDoc below.

Bungie ViDoc – The Road Ahead

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