The Game Awards 2023 Announced Its 6 Contenders for Game of the Year

Despite 2023 being regarded as one of the best for video game releases to date, The Game Awards opted to not expand their usual 6 nominations for Game of the Year. Starfield and Final Fantasy XVI were both widely predicted as great contenders and possible winners for GOTY but they did not make this year's vote.

The Game Awards Announce Its 6 Contenders for Game of the Year

The Game Awards set for December 7th, 2023, upholds and celebrates artistic and technical merit in video game production. With last year’s award show delivering a historic 103 million livestreams, the game industry showcase is now in its 10th year recognizing video game excellence. With a special one-night-only orchestral celebration at The Peacock Theater, the pick for ‘Game of the Year’ for this year is especially noteworthy.

The year 2023 has been home to some of the biggest releases to date with a whopping 28 games scoring 90/100 or higher on the online review aggregator Metacritic. The website excludes expansions and re-releases as separate entities in a similar fashion to the The Game Awards. Given the sheer standard of game releases this year the competition is steep and voting will be fierce.

The 2023 ‘Game of The Year’ nominees are:

Winner is chosen by an appointed jury and fans entering their votes online

The nominees, including Game of The Year, are chosen by an international jury of media and gaming influencer outlets selected for their consistency in critical video game evaluation. A specialized jury votes in other categories, including e-sports, impact, community support, and best adaptation. Voting is done in secret, with the top 5 choices for each outlet completing an unranked ballot. In the event of a tie, a top 6 (possibly more) will be announced in that category. Winners are selected by a 90/10 blended percentage vote between the appointed jury and public fan voting, respectively.

Geoff Knighley presented the highly-anticipated list of nominees live on Nov. 13th for the upcoming Game Awards 2023. The Canadian video game journalist has served as executive producer and primary host for The Game Awards since 2014. He’s not a jury member and does not vote on the nominees or winners. Likewise, The Game Awards Advisory Board has no say in the awards process and learns of both results simultaneously as the general public. Games eligible for The Game Awards are all game titles available for public consumption on or before Friday, November 17th, 2023 at 9 pm PT. Video game fans can cast their vote on the official Game Awards website until the cut-off date, Wednesday, December 6 at 6 pm PT.

The Game of the Year 2023 Video Game Nominees


For a video on the full list of the nominees in all categories watch:

Source: The Game Awards 2023: Live Nomination Announcement – Youtube,,


  1. Avatar photo

    I was disappointed to see that Miasma Chronicles wasn’t nominated in the Strategy category. I really enjoyed it (as well as its predecessor, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden). Would’ve voted for it in a heartbeat! Still wins the category in my book!! 🏆

    • Avatar photo

      I wasn’t too terribly moved by any of the games nominated in the strategy category, either. My guess is it’s going to Pikman 💮

      • Avatar photo

        I also think they should separate the Strategy & Sim categories – they can be two completely different types of games. Miasma Chronicles isn’t anything like the Sims!!

    • Avatar photo

      Miasma Chronicles went too unnoticed for real. Then again, plenty of good games to go around this year, some were bound to be snuffed.

  2. Avatar photo

    I hope Baldurs Gate 3 wins

  3. Avatar photo

    I hope Baldurs Gate 3 wins


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