Hello Games Launches No Man’s Sky Frontiers

Hello Games has unleashed No Man's Sky Frontiers, the latest major update for the game. The huge space adventure may have launched on the wrong foot, but the developers have really turned things around since then. This update adds large planetary settlements and more to the game.

Hello Games Launches No Man's Sky Frontiers Cover

Hello Games has pulled back the curtain on No Man’s Sky Frontiers. The update coincides with the game’s fifth anniversary. This big update just added large planetary settlements to the game. Travelers can encounter and interact with them, and you can also be elected the Overseer of a settlement. As their leader, you can ensure the town grows and prospers. Welcome new inhabitants to the town, and construct new buildings.

No Man’s Sky Frontiers also overhauls base building in general by adding hundreds of new construction parts. Base building has been one of the game’s most popular features ever since its inclusion. Furthermore, this update adds a new grid menu for building, and advanced construction controls.

No Man's Sky Frontiers Trailer

Additionally, the next seasonal event, Expedition 3 (Cartographers) is also coming up. It sees all players starting in the same place with a “technologically unique ship”. The event’s core focus is on exploring the planet. In fact, exploration will play a pivotal role if you are to escape planet Gisto Major’s toxic atmosphere.

No Man’s Sky Frontiers is their 17th major update, and there have been tons of smaller patches in between. Others have included the Expeditions update earlier this year. You can check out the full patch notes for all the details on the game’s latest major update. Developer Sean Murray commented on this year’s progress in the Frontiers news post on Steam:

This year alone has seen the introduction of COMPANIONSEXPEDITIONSPRISMS and now FRONTIERS. That’s a major update every 8 weeks on average! I’m super proud of the team which is still really small, and I continue to be amazed by their ability, energy and desire to maintain such a consistent cadence of exciting No Man’s Sky features and improvements.

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