Hello Games, of No Man’s Sky Fame, Releasing The Last Campfire this Summer

It has been four years since the bumpy release of No Man's Sky. Now, Hello Games put together a small team to work on its just as small indie title, The Last Campfire. At Nintendo's Indie World live stream, a new trailer was shown with a summer release window for the upcoming puzzle platformer.

Screenshot of The Last Campfire (Credit: Hello Games)

Hello Games has revealed a new look at its next project after the ambitious No Man’s Sky during Nintendo’s Indie World stream today. The British studio will release The Last Campfire sometime this summer for all platforms.

The Last Campfire takes a smaller approach compared to the enormous task at hand when developing No Man’s Sky and its 18 quintillion planets. Your silent protagonist must go on a journey through puzzles and other dangers that lie ahead to ignite the last campfire. 

The latest trailer (seen below) shows more of the fantastical world with a somber soundscape rather than focusing on the gameplay. The little that is shown, we see some light puzzle-solving and platforms ready for someone to either jump on or build a bridge to. 

The indie title was shown during 2018’s Game Awards. Only two people of the whole company are working on this fantasy adventure, so expect less than a quintillion environments to explore. The description on Steam does not offer much extra insight, either.

The Last Campfire is an adventure, a story of a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home.

Hello Games started out developing the Joe Danger franchise. A series of side-scrollers with an emphasis on platforming. The AAA ambition with No Man’s Sky caused controversy. Years of updates led to a steady and supporting player base that still heavily plays the game today with a peak of over 17,000 space travelers on Steam for the past two months.

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