Heavy Rain Surpasses 4.5 Million Units Sold

Quantic Dream's interactive drama Heavy Rain surpasses major sales milestone. The origami killer thriller crosses the 4.5 million units sold combined across both the PS3 and PS4 versions.

Heavy Rain Surpasses 4.5 Million Units Sold
French developer Quantic Dream just posted on their facebook page the news that their 2010 interactive drama game Heavy Rain reached an important sales milestone. The game's total sales between both the PS3 and PS4 versions have surpassed 4.5 million units. Teeming with excitement, Quantic Dream had this to say,

We are very proud to announce that combined sales of HEAVY RAIN on PS3 (released in 2010) and PS4 (released in 2016) are now in excess of 4,5 million units worldwide. Kuddos to our fans!

So if anyone had any doubts whether there was a place in the market for David Cage's narrative-focused and choice-based games, I'm sure that this news will be very enlightening. Heavy Rain takes place in urban Philadelphia at the time of a notorious child kidnapper known as the "origami killer." You play the role of four very different characters who's paths cross the trail of this most dangerous killer. The gameplay consists mostly of making dialogue decisions as well as quick-timer button presses during action sequences that impact not only the ending but also the final destiny of each of these four characters that you follow through the game. I personally loved this game and remains one of my favorites from the PS3 era. It manages to create an atmosphere of intensity and deep emotion with characters that you grow fond of. For me it remains one of the best told stories in gaming. Check out the trailer below if you still need further convincing.

For those that have a PS4, you can buy the game for $29.99 or bundled with Beyond: Two Souls (also from Quantic Dream) for $39.99 at the PlayStation store. Here's to hoping that these unique type of games continue to succeed. Quantic Dream's next game is Detroit: Become Human and perhaps E3 will shed light on its release date.

Did our readers like or plan to try out Heavy Rain? Let us know your thoughts.

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