Head of SMS Claims Project Cars 4 Will Be the Most Realistic Racing Simulator Ever

Rumors say the next Project CARS title will be the most realistic one ever. Considering the loss in sales and the mixed criticism Project CARS 3 received this year, it's time to go back to the franchise's root. Apparently, every single detail will matter.

Head of Slightly Mad Studios claims Project CARS 4 will be the most realistic racing simulator ever

Unfortunately, the latest Project CARS title received negative criticism from numerous of players due to its change in style and gameplay. With a loss of 86% in sales, it’s definitely time to make a change. And by changing, Slightly Mad Studios has decided to go back to its root and continue with racing simulation. Now even more realistic than ever before!

According to Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, the next title will be the most realistic simulation ever as he stated on Twitter. However, the two tweets about Project CARS 4 are now removed. This information was presumably not meant to be told yet. The images within the tweets are likely not to be captured in-game. Ian is most likely demonstrating how detailed he want it to be. Obviously, he wants to replicate the image below into the game. 

Screenshot of Ian's tweet regarding PC4, taken from GTPlanet

Screenshot of Ian’s tweet regarding PC4, taken from GTPlanet

In the second tweet, he mentions “Live leaves affected by vortices on AI cars hitting the windscreen of the player car… I think so.” to determinate how detailed the next title will be. Only one can imagine how many gigabytes of space this game will take. Considering it’s going to be detailed in “every area, in every way”, we’re obviously talking about even more content, both in terms of quality and quantity. Also, a much more in-depth physics model. No further information was given. We can however see that the developers have taken players criticism seriously and will certainly go back to simulation in the next title. 

The third title got released just a few months ago. That means we should expect a new game in 2 or 3 years depending on the level of details the studio wants to include. Usually, the span between the titles is 3 years. We might see an official announcement in a year, but an official release in 2023.

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