Hazbin Hotel Finally Gets A Release Date

After 4 long years, Vivziepop's "Hazbin Hotel" releases their first announcement teaser with an official release date. Fans can finally rejoice after the long-awaited series made their biggest announcement yet since the show's pilot back in 2019.

Hazbin Hotel is an indie animation series created by Vivienne Medrano, also known as Vivziepop. Debuting its pilot on October 28th, 2019, the show was received as a hit, reigning in over 2.5 million views since then. The pilot was then picked up by the renowned independent studio, A24, as well as Bento Box Entertainment.  Medrano’s animation studio, Spindlehorse Toons, developed another series simultaneously titled Helluva Boss. This web series featured starring actors such as Brandon Rogers, a YouTube sensation, and Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim). During it’s production, Medrano focused most of the attention towards her web-series but teased to fans that Hazbin Hotel was still undergoing steady production.

Hazbin Hotel was left in the dark for nearly 2 years before teaser images released. In 2022, the Hazbin Hotel twitter began posting character redesigns monthly. On it’s 3 year anniversary, October 2022, Hazbin Hotel made a semi-official announcement on Twitter, “see you in hell next summer [2023]” however, no new updates were released following the announcement. On September 28th 2023, Hazbin Hotel finally posted its first teaser announcing an official release date for the show.

The recent announcement brought an abundance of new updates for fans of the series. With an updated release date of January 2024, the teaser also revealed its streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. Along with the information fans have been waiting years to hear, the teaser also revealed an unexpected surprise. Many will be pleased to learn that a second season for the series has already been greenlit. This would mean that watchers may not have to wait as long as they did for the first season. In fact, with the greenlit 2nd season, Medrano would likely receive a renewal for a third, and final, season as she had intended.

Source: Hazbin Hotel Announcement

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