Have you seen Game Hog’s Road to Vainglory?

The Road to Vainglory is a series of humorous YouTube videos about a person trying to be good at Vainglory, an iOS, Android MOBA.

Have you seen Game Hog's Road to Vainglory?
The Road to Vainglory is a series of humorous YouTube videos showcasing Ed's struggles and challenges oh his way to becoming the best Vainglory player. The first episode highlights Ed's intense training schedule and the obstacles that await every professional player on their way to becoming the best.

Other than that, the video is also a good introduction to those unfamiliar with the game, as it explains what is Vainglory. The series is created by Game Hog, a group of YouTubers that is dedicated to playing games, describing games, and also just having fun with games!

The Road to Vainglory, Episode 1:

"The Road to Vainglory is finally here! Ed is going to be following the Vainglory champions' footsteps, by going down The Road to Vainglory. In The Road to Vainglory, Ed is trying to take part in an E-Sports competition in the world of Vainglory. To do this, Ed will be undergoing rigorous training in the art of Vainglory, and hopefully, we will see him win at the end of The Road to Vainglory!."

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