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Have Bungie Started Working On Destiny 3?

A new online rumour suggests Bungie have started developing the third instalment in their shared-world shooter franchise, Destiny 3.

Have Bungie Started Working On Destiny 3?
According to a fresh rumour that's began to surface online, Bungie have started working on Destiny 3. Although there has been no concrete evidence to support this, the details are interesting and well worth exploring but should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The source of this rumour is the respected and well-known Reddit Insider, AnonTheNine. This Reddit user has revealed that Christopher Barrett will take over as game director for Destiny 3. With director of Destiny 2, Luke Smith, still having a vital role to play in the production of the title.

According to the source, the third instalment in the shared-world shooter franchise is set to include some brand-new features that weren’t present in both of the previous titles. He/she states that it will have even more RPG elements than vanilla Destiny 2 and will be more geared towards the hardcore fanbase rather than the casual audience.

AnonTheNine mentioned in a Reddit comment that:

‘If [Destiny 3] will really have the idea [Bungie] want to implement, trust me, a lot of Guardians who play 2 hours per week will abandon the game. [Bungie] are going balls out with the RPG stuff.’’

One of the new features mentioned is a brand-new playable location, Europa. This was teased before the launch of the first Destiny game. Bungie showcased the concept art of Europa at the Destiny Reveal Press Conference back in 2013. According to Destiny lore, it's a moon orbiting Jupiter which Humanity had once colonised but was lost after the collapse which nearly brought the species to extinction.

Another big piece of information revealed by the source is that Destiny 3 would feature open world environments with both PvP and PvE content. This content is said to involve Guardians battling to conquer territory. However, AnonTheNine assured other Reddit users that it will be nothing like the Dark Zone area in Tom Clancy’s The Division, where there’s a constant threat of being killed by other players at all times.

The respected Reddit user also mentioned that there would be another new annual pass for Destiny 2, next year (Year 3 of D2 content). This means players can expect more playable content to release throughout 2019 with the rumoured Destiny 3 launching in 2020. This could well be the time when the next generation of consoles have landed, meaning Destiny 3 would indeed be a next-gen title.

Again, this is a rumour and of course, its advised that rumours should always be taken with a healthy pinch of salt.

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