Harold Halibut Has Totally Handmade Levels

Harold Halibut is shaping up to be an indie game more akin to the dialogue heavy, point and click adventures of the nineties. That kind of gameplay direction is refreshing these days. However, that’s not all the game has got going for it. Every single level; every single item and environment is real. Who needs graphics anyway?

As a result of this weird and wonderful Bioshock-like undersea world being comprised entirely of real items and stop motion claymation for its characters, Harold Halibut has a unique gloss to it. Ironically, looking better and sharper than even today’s best graphics can offer. Of course, this approach would not be possible for say, a Far Cry 5 kind of setup. But for a mystery adventure indie game, it looks stunning. Doubtless requiring a lot more work from the development team, this unique idea of claymation translated to videogames could well put developer, Slow Bros on the gaming map.

Harold Halibut is set on a space ship wreck, submerged on a planet entirely comprised of water. Eventually, one of the lead scientists vows to start working on a re-launch and the player, Harold Halibut, a humble janitor must help her. Light humour and modernised adventure gameplay mechanics comprise this fascinating game, entirely built from craft materials. 

Harold Halibut is slated for release some time this year, although there is no current estimate as to which month. It will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.  

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