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Hard West – first impressions

Searc was playing this new great game and is going to livestream later today! Read his first impressions, full review will be published later this week.

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Hello Folks,

Searc here and this is my first impressions of Hard West thus far.

I went into this game with the expectations of have game play similar to games such as Baulders Gate, Never Winter Nights, and the more recent Divinity series, and for the most part, that's what I got. Hard West seemed to to be a bit more difficult though than its older predecessors, and much like the news edition to Divinity requires more tactical discussion making than what I expected. This, along with some unique mechanics such as the cover system, luck system, and the persistent effect (which can be toggled on and off). I wont explain these systems to you here, instead, I implore you to watch our Hard West Gameplay Part 1 and check out the live stream at 3:30pm MST (10:30pm UCT) later today now that the embargo has been lifted to experience more about this fun and unique turn based action adventure game. Especially if you are a fan of supernatural games/movies, the wild west, and/or turn based combat.

So sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot really say more than this for now until I write up my full review, so you will either have to wait till then, watch the stream, or, well, play the game yourself.

Hard West Gameplay Part 1

So until then, stay calm, and Llama on.



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