Hand Drawn “Smoke And Sacrifice” Announced For 2018 Release

A recent press release has us excited for what is being described as a hand illustrated survival RPG that explores ecological fantasia and motherhood. Solar Sail Games today announced that their game, Smoke And Sacrifice will arrive on PC, PS4, XboxOne and Switch sometime this year. There’s currently no further narrowing down of an exact release date.

Hand Drawn “Smoke And Sacrifice” Announced For 2018 Release
Players will assume the role of young mother, Sachi. She has bravely set out to discover the fate of her child in a world filled with themes of dark fantasy, grotesque plantlife and harsh societal rules to live under. Not only will player experience tried and true mechanics of the modern survival genre, they will also delve into a complex RPG inventory system. All of this will be the blueprint within a larger narrative that handles deeply personal story beats in lovingly crafted, hand drawn world. It will be Sachi’s task to tame the wilds and thus uncover the mystery of her missing child.

Hand Drawn “Smoke And Sacrifice” Announced For 2018 Release - Leaving home
“We’re thrilled to finally announce Smoke and Sacrifice after keeping the project to ourselves for so long. With both myself and Neil Millstone having produced games for major studios, Smoke and Sacrifice is an opportunity for us go back to our roots and create a genuinely intimate story in a compelling world,” 
said Tancred Dyke-Wells, Co-Founder of Solar Sail Games. “We wanted to combine a meaningful narrative with the challenges of survival gameplay. Discovering ways to influence this creepy, organic world to your advantage is key to pursuing your ultimate quest.”

Hand Drawn “Smoke And Sacrifice” Announced For 2018 Release - Brutal world
As players discover Smoke And Sacrifice’s mechanics, they will have the opportunity to manipulate the world’s plantlife and animals. Yet, this will mean the player has less crafting resources at their disposal. Throughout the entire game, Sachi will not just have antagonist to worry about but also the world around her and how many tools she has left.

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