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Halloween update is out for RAM BOE

Update v1.2 Brings Seasonal Pumpkins, The Cloud To RAM BOE.

Halloween update is out for RAM BOE
3rd November 2016, Higher Eclectic Ground – Launching RAM BOE on Steam should now have players kept company by seasonally carved pumpkins, brewing pots of potion and other themed populace in their play-through's of the Sokoban-inspired, casual puzzle game for the earlier part of November.

Labeled v1.2 and taken live on the 28th of October, the game's latest update not only sets the mood for Halloween-themed festivities but also brings to the fray several minor UI fixes and a Cloud Save feature.

"The game will now automatically backup a save file that contains your current standings in levels and points so that progress can be retrieved from the Cloud at any time if you change your PC or reinstall the game," the developers explain.

Although the update is exclusive to the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game alone, Point5 continues to affirm that efforts to update the Android version of the game with  The Awakening of Thrym.

RAM BOE is now available on Android for $0.99 USD.  It's The  Awakening  of Thrym build can be downloaded on Steam for $1.99 USD.

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