Hades Has Already Sold 1 Million Copies

The new underworld roguelike from Supergiant Games has arrived strong out of hell's gates, as Hades has already sold over a million copies since its launch on Thursday. This super giant successful milestone follows the impressive reviews that accompanied the game’s official launch after being in Early Access for almost 2 years.

Hades Has Already Sold Over 1 Million Units Cover

Despite being on the market for less than a week, Hades has already sold over 1 million units as confirmed by indie developer/publisher Supergiant Games on Twitter. The game, which officially launched on September 17, had been in Early Access since December 2018. According to the developer, 70% of those sales figures were made during the Early Access period.

Hades comes from celebrated indie developer Supergiant Games, whose previous works Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre are considered amongst indie game royalty. This latest game takes their signature art style and translates it to an action-roguelike, Greek mythological slash-fest. And from all accounts, people are loving it, with Hades sitting at a very neat 92% and 95% on its respective PC and Switch Metacritic pages. And given that the user scores are right up there on 89% (PC) and 93% (Switch), it seems obvious that fans are loving battling through the depths of the underworld as Hades’ son Zagreus as well.

The developers showed their support for everyone who’s played Hades over the years by saying: “To all our Early Access players: Thank you so much. We designed Hades for Early Access, believing you could help us make a better game. That’s just what you did.”

Hades - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Hades is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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