Hacker Evolution – IMMERSION is out on Steam Early Access

The Best-Selling ‘Hacker Evolution’ Series Continue With Latest Chapter Unraveling The Dark Secrets Of Russia’s Space Technology Program. Pre-Order & Download Hacker Evolution IMMERSION Today!

Hacker Evolution - IMMERSION is out on Steam Early Access
San Francisco, CA, August 10th 2016: Indie game developer and publisher Exosyphen Studios is proud to announce Hacker Evolution IMMERSION as the latest installment to their best-selling series on PC, which currently includes Hacker Evolution, Duality and Untold. Scheduled for official release in Q4 of 2016, it is possible to pre-order and download the game today via Steam (Early Access) or directly from the games dedicated fan-site. IMMERSION takes you on a mesmerizing hi-tech “hacking journey” from the past to the present on a quest to unravel the dark secrets of Russia’s space technology program beginning with “Sputnik 1”.

Hacker Evolution IMMERSION gameplay movie / No 2

IMMERSION offers a completely new and innovative design. Once again, the popular console becomes the centerpiece of the action and features an enriched and improved set of player-commands at your disposal. GUI-elements in the new version are re-created from scratch with stunning attention to detail resulting in a highly realistic and visually impressive environment. Tasks, challenges and missions within the game now requires additional player-interaction; gone are the simplistic hacking- and decrypting-tasks from previous encounters.

Pre-order today and join a vibrant community of fans and followers helping to improve an already phenomenal gameplay experience on Steam!

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