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H1Z1 Servers Coming Down for 16 Hour Update

Gamers have been patiently waiting some time now for the Z1 map update for the popular battle-royale game H1Z1, and they might not have to wait much longer! An extended 16 hour H1Z1 server update is taking place from February 27-28, leaving fans hyped for the long-awaited return of the classic map!

H1Z1 Servers Coming Down for 16 Hour Update
Longtime fans of H1Z1 might already know that Z1, the classic map, is coming back better than ever. About four months ago at Twitchcon a developer for the game announced, to much acclaim, that the new map will be getting a full remaster and be released on the servers sometime in 2018. Daybreak Game Company recently tweeted on the official H1Z1 twitter announcing the update:

[GAME UPDATE INBOUND] Servers will be coming down for an update with an extended maintenance beginning at 2PM PST tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 27th. Patch notes will be made available at that time, and the downtime is expected to last until approximately 6AM PST on Wednesday Feb 28th.

The maintenance is reportedly starting at 2PM PST tomorrow, with it ending at approximately 6AM PST on February 28th.  Will this 16 hour long update bring with it a much-needed resurgence to the game in the form of nostalgia? Many fans are already speculating that this is the Z1 update, and if so the servers could see a huge rise in numbers. Are you excited for the new update? Will H1Z1 numbers start rising again? We will see once the patch notes come out for the new update.

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