H1Z1 has Officially Launched out of Early Access!

Players have been waiting for this day for ages. The popular battle-royale shooter H1Z1 has officially launched today and brings with it some incredible updates and promises for the future! Let's dig in and see what this entails.

H1Z1 has Officially Launched out of Early Access!
H1Z1 has now officially launched worldwide and will no longer be part of Steam Early Access! The decision was made by the developers as the game recently underwent a 16-hour-long update. Many fans were hoping this was the Z1 map update, but were pleasantly surprised when the general manager of Daybreak Games Anthony Castoro took to the Steam page for the game and announced in Launch Day Producer's Letter that the game is now officially launched and has some important fixes and updates for players to enjoy.

H1Z1 has Officially Launched out of Early Access! The new AutoRoyale mode!
The first of these updates and new additions comes in the form of a new battle-mode titled AutoRoyale. In this game mode players are launched on the map with 29 other teams to see who dominates the most with vehicular warfare! The mode includes an all new military vehicle, the ARV, and several additions such as LMG's, landmines, corrosive gas, double jumps, and much more! The developers are launching the game with this new game mode in Beta form, and will focus on bug fixes as players enjoy the mayhem that is sure to ensue.

The next update comes in the form of general additions and polish to the game. The developers have revamped the scoring system, done away with PreSeasons (Today is the start of Season 1!), introduced tactical deployment so players can choose any part of the map to land on complete with a heat signature of where all other players have landed, and a complete overhaul of the game's UI to bring it more in line with other elements of the game. New Victory Crates and Skull rewards are now available for winning and doing well in matches.

In addition to all the new changes, Daybreak has promised several future updates, such as the remastered Z1 map which was announced at last year's Twitchcon, and several improvements to the game engine which should improve FPS and stability for all players.

What do you think of these new changes? Are you disappointed that this wasn't the Z1 remaster, or will this bring with it the revitalization H1Z1 has been thirsting for?

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