Gynophobia – Gameplay

Gynophobia - Gameplay - check out our gameplay video

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On Friday 13th SearcGaming was live streaming a horror shooter named Gynophobia. Game was released in August on Steam as an Early Access title. 

Gynophobia is the irrational fear of women and sometimes leads to really…awkward moments in life. But another, much detailed information about the game, neither the Mark´s story (main character), aren´t known.

So if you are interested, come check out what this game is hiding from you!

Gynophobia: Gameplay


  1. Please don’t downvote an article simply because you don’t like the game. That is not the purpose of the down vote. Rather go to the games main page and rate the game directly.

  2. my opinion … awful game

    • It had some interesting points, but over all, I have seen college student projects more complete. Is it something to be proud of as a small indie game company? Sure it is, and it is priced appropriately too. So, hopefully they take this experience and improve moving forward.


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