Gumballs & Dungeons – new massive update now live

Worldwide Hit Gumballs & Dungeons Launches Massive Update. Thousands of players can enjoy location-based matching, new maze and gumballs, chat system and more!

Gumballs & Dungeons - new massive update now live

The largest upgrade to date for free-to-play mobile game Gumballs & Dungeons is now live. Gumballs & Dungeons is a Roguelike dungeon crawler by Qcplay Limited that combines RPG, strategy, collection, adventure, and PvP gameplay to a compelling blend of styles that has earned the title a big audience worldwide and a 4.7-star user review rating.

Players experience several exciting upgrades to the game, including a new science and technology style-maze called City of Steam, which introduces two new gumballs as well as location-based social matching with Chain of Fate. The new chat system allows real-time communication with players all over the world.

After each normal stage in the maze of City of Steam, players will receive Zeroes Gumball as a new companion, but Future Cat Gumball is well hidden and completionist need to be on the lookout. When he appears, the Dynamic System is activated and players must collect all the dynamic elements and pass the System before he can be recruited.

Gumballs & Dungeons - new massive update now live
Chain of Fate adds location-based gameplay to Gumballs & Dungeons. After completing the first maze, the Fate Pillar will show other players searching for matches nearby. If a match is accepted, players may claim rewards and create Gumball babies, which boost attributes and special abilities. Each day players have three chances to attempt a Fate Link with others. In addition to that, the worldwide Chat system brings more possibilities to communicate with players worldwide and becomes available once players repair the airship from the Air War and begin exploring the Sky. Players may choose to chat on the World Channel, or from one of the many different languages available.

Gumballs & Dungeons - new massive update now live

Repairing the airship will also trigger the new Alliance System, allowing players to create or join alliances. Alliances offer the chance to team up with other players, chat in the alliance channel, compare ratings, share resources and acquire special items. Donating resources to an alliance will help players gain extra alliance coins that can be spent on a variety of precious items in the alliance store, and members can upgrade their alliance with donated items, unlocking new alliance advantages and increasing the number of available items in the alliance store. Players who reach the 100th level with all seven Keys and kill the boss in Endless mode have another revelation in store: a portal to the Gate of Creation will open where they can meet the famous Masters of Erathia Island and chat with them to gain rewards! Touch the Gate of Creation several times and inspect it closely; more surprises await…

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