Guardians of Orion update adds Third Person Perspective

Guardians of Orion now features the ability to enjoy both FPS and TPS.

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Developer Trek Industries have been very busy these past couple of months making Guardians of Orion a truly unique experience. I have already mentioned this but they were very communicative and open about the plans they had for the future of the game. One of the most requested features by the community was the Third Person view. It's the beginning of January and now we have that addition. The best part about it is the seamless transition from FPP(first person perspective) to TPP(third person perspective). You can check it out for yourselves in the video posted below: 

This update was pretty huge on its own. There is more ground to cover even now. A post from the developers on the Steam Community Hub for December 23rd reveals that a new guardian will be added to the game each month. This is very speedy. The first new character will be the Tech guardian who will bring a new primary weapon with him and the most interesting ability in the game so far, the deployable turret. January will have even more to offer to those who own the game. Brand new dinosaurs will be brought into the game along with 6 new maps. To finish things off, a brand new game mode called "Slaughter" will see the light of day too.

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