Guardians of Ember hits Steam Early Access this September

Autumn is going to be a feast for hack and slash fans as developer Runewaker and publisher InselGames have teamed up to bring the new MMORPG Guardians of Ember to the Steam Store. The game will launch via Early Access mid-September 2016.

Guardians of Ember hits Steam Early Access this September
After the success of Dragon’s Prophet and Runes of Magic, the upcoming hack and slash/MMORPG hybrid Guardians of Ember will take on the mantle from Runewaker Entertainment’s past hits. The game offers a classic hack and slash experience with enormous hordes of enemies, deep crafting and enchanting systems, strong questline, and exciting boss battles. To mix things up, Guardians of Ember comes with Runewaker’s signature features like a housing system and the unique dual-class system. A variety of regions offer more than sixty randomized dungeons; different PvP modes, as well as more than 300 skills and thousands of items, will guarantee hours of exciting gameplay, extended by regular content updates already during Early Access.

Guardians of Ember will be available exclusively from the Steam Store in three different versions. Besides the Standard Edition, the Demigod and the Ultimate Immortal Edition offer exclusive content for all hack and slash fans.

About Guardians of Ember:
Developed by the hardcore gamers at Runewaker with their proven track record in the genre (Runes of Magic, Dragon's Prophet), Guardians of Ember is a unique combination of Hack’n’Slash and traditional MMORPG with a focus on action-oriented combat in PVE and PVP as well as near endless character optimization.


  • dual class system: choose the second class after reaching level fifteen 
  • nearly unlimited character optimization: a total of four races, six classes, 300 active and seventy-two  passive skills
  • extended PvE action: randomized dungeons with individual difficulty settings
  • deep crafting and enchanting systems: design your perfect equipment
  • housing system: decorate your own home with hundreds of interior items and hire house sprites for bonuses
  • engaging questline with over hundreds of missions plus daily missions
  • various PVP options: fight in 1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 – ranked and unranked matches

More info about Guardians of Ember can be found on the official website.

The game's announcement trailer:

Guardians Of Ember - Announcement Trailer

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