GTA 6 to Reportedly Include a Female Lead

In a recent Bloomberg report, Jason Schreier emphasizes the possibility of a female lead. The report also claims that the release of GTA 6 is "likely" two years ahead. Some plans were "reeled in" due to being enormous in comparison to the resources, though GTA 6 remains the biggest in the series.

GTA 6 to Include a Female LeadIf you’ve been living under a cave for the past few months, you still would’ve heard about the rumors surrounding GTA 6 and its development. One of the rumors that were passed around from one year to another is the inclusion of a female lead. Rockstar kept its atmosphere very silent about the game’s development and the details regarding its plot and characters.

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg recently shared a report that includes some more explicit details about the game, one of which details were that GTA 6 is going to incorporate a female protagonist. The game will reportedly have two main protagonists, most likely siblings. Bloomberg’s report seems to emphasize Tom Henderson’s –insider– leaks that stressed the presence of a GTA 6 female lead. One of many lead protagonists.

GTA 6’s Release Date

According to Jason, the female protagonist will be of Latin ethnicity. One of two exact main playable protagonists, as I mentioned before. The lead characters are influenced by the infamous bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. Jason also expects GTA 6‘s release to be two years ahead, at least. The report suggests that GTA 6 is codenamed “Project Americas.” If the name rings any bells, it was the name of a massive leak that surfaced on Reddit a couple years ago.

That leak contradicts Jason’s report in a couple of things, like the existence of a playable female protagonist; the “Project Americas” leak explicitly disclosed that there is only one protagonist named Ricardo. And that one “key” character in the overall narrative is called Kacey. It also opposes a claim made by Jason Schrier on his Kotaku report of crunch culture in Rockstar, which is that GTA 6 entered pre-production in 2019. While the Project Americas leak called out that Rockstar began pre-production on GTA 6 on 2012. Which was before the first release of GTA 5.

Photo from GTA: Online

Photo from GTA: Online

In my humble opinion, I don’t suppose that Rockstar had one plan for the game from the beginning. Rockstar had to change things several times for each game they worked on. GTA: San Andreas, for example, was planned to include 3 main playable characters, but the feature was cut due to hardware limitations and resource allocation.

The Location, Map, and Mission Updates

Speaking of resource allocation, Rockstar initially wanted to include enormous areas of North and South America. According to the report, it had to be “reeled in.” Which doesn’t mean that GTA 6 will have a smaller map than its predecessors. Rockstar wants GTA 6 to be the biggest one in the series. So generally, the game will include a fictionalized-great-scale Miami –which we already know is Vice City in the Grand Theft Auto continuity– and a small portion of Cuba.

Also, according to the report, Vice City won’t be static like Los Santos. The map will reportedly keep up to date over time. Rockstar plans on updating the city as real-time passes. This means that GTA 6‘s map will not be in its final form as it will keep changing and adding stuff over time. Something like GTA: Online, but instead of specific buildings in each update, it will be of a larger scale. Rockstar also plans on adding more missions after the game launches. They hope it will reduce the crunch on the developers in the final months of the game.

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SOURCE: Grand Theft Auto VI Will Have Female Main Character for First Time In Series’ History

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