GTA 4 Is Now Backwards-Compatible With Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto IV was an important title in the franchise, and now it's deservedly joining the patented Xbox Backwards Compatibility group.

GTA IV backwards-compatible with Xbox One.

According to a statement recently released by Rockstar Games, GTA IV is now available as part of backwards-compatible content for the Xbox One.
Not only will players be able to experience the main game, they will also be able to experience the two brilliant DLCs of the game – The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, both of which are also confirmed by Rockstar to be backwards-compatible.
Xbox One owners who own a physical copy of the disc can insert it into their consoles and the game will automatically start downloading. Additionally, save files that were stored on the cloud on the Xbox 360 will also be accessible from the Xbox One.
Goes to show that nothing Rockstar does is half-assed.

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