GT Sport Will Be a PlayStation 5 Compatible Title

Good news for the loyal Playstation fans out there. GT Sport, a bestseller on the PlayStation 4 console, will also be playable on the next-gen PlayStation 5. As we all expect, it'll hopefully come with some major visual upgrades. But this leaves us even more clueless about GT7's release date.

GT Sport Will Be a PlayStation 5 Compatible Title Cover

Gran Turismo Sport will be playable on Playstation 5 according to Playstation themselves. This would seem like a no-brainer to most players since it’s one of the most played racing games on Playstation 4. The news came recently from the Playstation store under the description of the game, where it clearly states that the game will be playable on Playstation 5. However, they state that some content may be “absent” on Playstation 5. We’re most likely talking about post-launch DLC content. For instance, backwards compatible games on Xbox One or Playstation 4 does not transfer data from the previous generations. Therefore, you’ll probably play the 2017 version of GT Sport, but hopefully with visual upgrades.

This, however, leaves some confusion regarding Gran Turismo 7’s release because, as previously theorised, it has a potential release within a very short time after launch. Now that GT Sport is confirmed for PS5, we might have to wait a little longer until the release of Gran Turismo 7. On other hand, we are more or less clueless on Polyphony Digital’s future plans. What’s even more confusing is that Gran Turismo titles tend to reach an “end of life” point around 3.5 years after its release. That’s when Polyphony Digital shut all the servers down. GT Sport is about 3 years old now, so Polyphony Digital may make changes regarding server shutdowns.

Gran Turismo Sport | Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Whether they shut the servers down or not, you will still be able to play the game. All owners of Playstation 4 and GT Sport have the ability to upgrade the game, as soon as they upgrade console. 

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