Ground War: Tanks – another tank battles?

Ground War: Tanks - another tank battles?

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Are you addicted to tanks? Do you play War Thunder or World of Tanks and you need to drive these metal beasts all the time and maybe even in your dreams? You can. GameBox made a game directly for you. Because you just need a browser (or facebook app) or a simple mini client and start shooting instantly even at work. Just be careful about your boss. He may not like it :-).

If you look at the gameplay you will soon recognise that it is VERY similar to the current tank games. With the system, layout, research tree etc. But who cares if the game is fun, right?

What are the developers saying on the official forum?

Ground War: Tanks is a tank-themed 3D Third-Person Shooting Game. The players will operate WWII-era tanks to fight their way to supreme glory! The game currently offers tanks from 3 countries (Soviet Union, Germany and United States) and will introduce more tanks in the near future (British and French tanks, among others). The total number of available tanks is expected to reach 500!T

The game is a Third-Person shooting game, and players are free to choose from 4 categories of tanks (medium tank, heavy tank, light tank and tank destroyer) to battle. They can either team up with friends to form a 5-member team or opt to join a random team. All players are mutually connected to each other, whether they are playing the game on the webpage or micro-client.

What sets it apart from traditional web games is its accessibility. Players can master all the useful techniques in a relatively short time. Meanwhile, team spirit and multi-player cooperation figure prominently in the game, especially in territory wars, which requires perfect cooperation and strategy to prevail. A skilled player is not guaranteed to win a less experienced player of same level, so the key to victory is COOPERATION.

25 minutes of gameplay will tell more than hundred words, right?

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