Gran Turismo 7 Could Receive More Cars Than Before

Gran Turismo 7 could possibly receive more cars than ever with new technology. Sourcing cars is quite a long process from scratch to finished model, but the Gran Turismo developers have found a significantly faster way to source cars. Much faster than Forza's technology.

Gran Turismo 7 Could Receive More Cars Than Ever Before

Getting a car into a video game is months of hard work due to the complexity. Developers must find the desirable car, source it, capture photos, record audio and finally bring all the work back to the office and add all details. That’s why no racing game ever can release large updates every month. Developers of Gran Turismo, however, has found a solution to reduce the time when sourcing. Thus, Gran Turismo 7 will, most likely, receive more cars than GT Sport did.

According to a senior game artist, who has worked on popular games such as Forza Horizon 1 and GT Sport, claims that they are able to source a car within three months. Developers of Forza and Gran Turismo have previously stated that it usually takes about six months to get a single car into a game. The game artist got a question regarding the time of sourcing and her response was “Thank you so much. It took nearly 3 months. We didn’t get cad data .. we got the scan”. She mentions that in the right bar, in comment section.

Polyphony Digital 3D-scanning the Lamborghini Espada (source: Hagerty Magazine/Aaron Robinson)

Polyphony Digital 3D-scanning the Lamborghini Espada (source: Hagerty Magazine/Aaron Robinson)

For those who don’t know what “sourcing” means, it’s when a developer scans a car. Usually with a laser to get precise measurements. With the captured data, they have a basic shape of a car without any details, yet it’s very accurate dimensions. With the data they receive, they head back to their office to work on details, which they did not capture with the laser scan. Plenty of photos of the interior and exterior must be taken in order to get those details done (see picture above). Manufacturers nowadays have CAD models of their newer models, which game developers can use instead of sourcing. It’s time-saving however, no 90s car or older provides those CAD data because CAD is a new program. 

Previously, Gran Turismo has mostly been using CAD data to save time. Much more effective than spending 6 months building a car for the game. But since they are able to cut the time with 50%, there may be a chance that we’ll see way more sourced cars coming to the game. There’s no explanation on how it was done though, but according to the game artist, it’s fully possible.

With that said, we can know for sure that Gran Turismo 7 can receive large updates frequently. Nothing’s guaranteed whether Polyphony Digital will focus on releasing as many cars as possible or they want to prioritise something else. It’s yet to be confirmed.

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