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Grab Original Crackdown For Free Starting Today

Through the barrage of delays and push-backs, Crackdown 3 is finally gearing up for launch later this month. And to celebrate the highly anticipated Microsoft exclusive, players can now nab the original ultimate destruction title for free via Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Grab Original Crackdown For Free Starting Today
In a tweet from Microsoft's Director of Programming, Larry Hryb — or, Major Nelson — the original 2009 Crackdown is currently available as a free download for players eager to step back into where the series all began.

If you're looking to dive back into the mayhem, Crackdown is available for free on the Xbox One's backward compatibility program, as well as where it originally released, the Xbox 360. Crackdown received an Xbox One X enhanced treatment so current gen players will be gifted with sharper resolution on their 'X' consoles.

However, the free download is mysteriously missing from the PC platform even though PC players will be able to get their hands on Crackdown 3 the day of release.

Crackdown 3 is set to (finally) release on February 15, 2019 for the Xbox One and PC with an Xbox Game Pass Day One launch. Be sure to grab your free copy of Crackdown while you can, as there's no current end date for the offer and will more than likely only run until the release of Crackdown 3.

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