Grab a Seat With Awesome Secretlab Black Friday Deals

Working from home? Having long play sessions? Make both situations extremely comfortable by taking advantage of Secretlab's exciting Black Friday deals for select chair variants from their colorful lineup.

Secretlab Black Friday Deals

If you are itching to give your behind a premium treatment – Secretlab has you covered. You can currently get great Black Friday deals on select chairs in their lineup, even from their latest and greatest 2020 models. The deals will be live till the end of the work week so you have some 4 days left to grab yours.

For the US:
Secretlab 2020 Series: US$70 off
Secretlab NAPA Series: US$100 off
For the EU:
Secretlab 2020 Series: €70 off
Secretlab NAPA Series: €75 off

We had a chance to review the Secretlab Softweave Omega 2018 and can attest to the quality of these chairs firsthand. While designed primarily for gamers, some of the models can just as easily find their home in offices due to how premium they look. Take note that both PU and NAPA leather models are offered for a discount, with the latter being an even more premium, luxury model.

Meet the Secretlab Classics collection

                                                                                                                                                                                                What’s great is that Secretlab also has a couple of special chair variants inspired by different games, pop culture icons, and esports teams. There is Game of Thrones, Batman, Joker, Overwatch, DOTA, and many other variants that are sure to fit into and perfectly complement the look of your setup. So definitely don’t miss out.


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