Goosebumps: Dead of Night Coming Soon

The Goosebumps series is being brought to life once again. This time in the form of a new video game, Goosebumps: Dead of Night. The game will require players to face their fears in order to collect stolen pages of the original R. L. Stein books. The game will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It is expected to come out this summer.


Goosebumps: Dead of Night Coming Soon

If you’re a fan of R. L. Stine’s children-horror series Goosebumps, then we have news for you. A new video game Goosebumps: Dead of Night has been announced — insiders speculate it will be out this summer. Scholastic published the first novel in 1992, but the franchise has had multiple rebirths in the form of spin-off novel series, TV shows, and most recently theatrical releases. The game will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The making of the game was a joint effort between Cosmic Forces, Sony Pictures, and Scholastic.

The plot of Goosebumps: Dead of Night revolves around finding stolen pages of the Goosebumps stories. The pages have caused the terrifying creatures from R. L. Stine’s mind to come to life. In the trailer, we see Slappy the Dummy and the infamous Lawn Gnomes, among others. It seems in order to collect all the pages, you will have to solve puzzles and avoid enemies. Similar to most horror games.

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Goosebumps: Dead of Night - Official Reveal Trailer

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