Google Home Acts As A Pokedex

With the release of the new Pokemon game, players are realizing you can use your Google Home devices as a Pokedex!

Google Home Acts As A Pokedex
Recently after browsing the Nintendo Switch Subreddit, I found out that you can use Google Assistants such as Google Home and Google Home Mini as a real-life Pokedex.

This is amazing for people who are still new to Pokemon or even veteran players returning. If you are planning to take on the gyms or even the Elite Four you could use this in your planning. You simply have to say: "Hey Google, what's x Pokemon's weakness?" And Google will reply quickly with the relevant answer.

I think this is a super cool feature and can make the game that tad bit easier. It saves having to pull out your phone and google the same question.

This brings us one step closer to real life Pokemon and even if it's just a wild fantasy, I still want to believe it's possible!

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