Goldeneye 25 Project Receives Cease & Desist Order

Goldeneye 25, an unofficial remake utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 model, has been forced to stop its production immediately. This imposition has been caused by an injunction that prevents Project Ianus from using anything official from the James Bond - or Goldeneye - universe. The team are now refocusing their efforts by trying to modify their existing work.

Goldeneye 25 Project Receives Cease & Desist Order Cover

One of gaming’s most beloved treasures – Goldeneye 007 – has had an unofficial remake in development, overseen by a team of dedicated fans. Goldeneye 25 was set to continue the successful trend of bring back to life storied games e.g Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil 3. The good folks at Project Ianus have been working meticulously on a faithful reworking of the classic N64 title. However, this odd-job appears to have had its progress brought to an abrupt halt. The team announced on their official Twitter page that their Goldeneye 25 project had received a cease and desist order, therefore bring an end to any mention of James Bond or Goldeneye. 

Whilst it’s unfortunate that the official project will never see the light of day, the team that have worked so diligently to bring Goldeneye 007 to the modern day have announced that they will alter their creation, and turn it into something of their own. 

Hopefully this is an instance of turning lead into gold. Goldeneye 25 being given a cease and desist order could be a blessing, and if the team do an excellent job, then they could easily forge their own path and see their hard-work recognized.

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