GOG.com Is Doing A Massive Deal… With A Twist

GOG is doing a very special deal this Monday. The site will discount the games that are most wishlisted By the public over the weekend. The offer is for a limited time, so get cracking!

GOG.com Is Doing A Massive Deal... With A Twist
GOG.com has never been shy of stretching the boat out when it comes to their sales and online deals, in fact one might say they are actually famous for their deals. But this Monday, GOG.com is going to be doing something very special indeed as they will discount the most discounted games on their site. This effectively means that the public get to vote what games they want to be discounted. This is a brilliant idea as it actively tells them what everyone really wants to play but discouraged due to the price tag. They announced this news via a tweet which stated:

Many out of ten gamers agree: a healthy wishlist means a happy lifestyle. Especially on Monday. Here's why:
We're granting thousands of wishes to GOG users for #free!
The most wishlisted games will get super cheap!

Awesome, right? But we're not mind readers, so you know…

GOG.com: I Know What My Vote's Going On!
While there is no information as to when this deal will run out or how much of a discount we will see, GOG have been known to slash their prices quite drastically. Either way, you have until Monday to wishlist games. Why not get your friends involved and each wishlist an online multiplayer? You can check out GOG.com here.

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