God of War to Receive PS5 Update

God of War is getting a free PS5 update so you can experience the award-winning game with a higher resolution and FPS. Meanwhile, Sony Santa Monica is working on the next entry in the flagship franchise with God of War: Ragnarok for PS4 and PS5.

God of War to Receive PS5 Update

Since Sony released a new powerful and chonky console, players have been diving into favorites from the previous generation to experience them in 4K and 60 FPS. While not every game has had this, it is slowly rolling out. The latest is God of War, which is receiving a free PS5 update tomorrow (February 2).

Kratos will be played and seen in 4K (checkerboarded) glory while slaying beasts with 60 FPS. Checkerboarding is a rendering technique that differs from upscaling. Essentially it will make the game look better than it did in 2018, but you are not getting a true 4K experience. You will still need the proper display device to see it in that resolution, but either way, it will look prettier regardless of your TV or monitor

Sony Santa Monica is quite busy outside of giving God of War a PS5 update. The studio has God of War: Ragnarok slated for later this year for both PS5 and PS4. We don’t know much outside of what the title presents. Rumors have been circling around that it may fall in line with Spider-Man: Miles Morales that was a more condensed story compared to the main Spider-Man adventure that launched in 2018. None of that is confirmed as of writing, and due to the pandemic, nothing is certain whether or not we will get a new entry in the flagship franchise this year. 

God of War – Story Trailer | PS4

Will you replay God of War in 60 FPS and a higher resolution, or maybe it is your first time playing now that it is getting this bump in visuals and gameplay? Either way, let us know your thoughts on this story and go out there to go on an epic journey with your boy.

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