God Of War PS4 Aims For Documentary Approach

Sony Santa Monica recently explained why they opted for no camera cuts and a new camera scheme for God of War PS4. Apparently, the developers are trying to emulate a documentary approach as they strive for a more immersive experience.

God Of War PS4 Aims For Documentary Approach
In a sponsored post on Gamasutra, Sony Santa Monica detailed several features of God of War PS4, which includes the new camera framing. According to God of War director of photography, Dori Arazi, they opted to have zero camera cuts "to create a very immersive story with a lot of empathy for the heroes." This makes sense as Sony Santa Monica is striving for a more realistic style in their game.

"Gameplay in general is a non-interruptive camera experience, but when the camera cuts to a sequence of controlled narrative, you're now breaking that sense of immersion," Arazi said. To ensure immersion, the God of War team had to ensure that their photography was perfect.

"We spent a lot of time tweaking the virtual mocap equipment to figure out how to get the right controls on the camera, operate it for a signifcant amount of time while doings this in real-time and not shooting the camera in post," said Arazi .

Arazi also bragged that they managed to create a documentary feel during gameplay. "Our team also did an amazing job in creating a gameplay camera that the player can control that has the same sensitivity and sensibility of a documentary camera."

In a way, this new direction on camera usage falls in line with the team's focus on realism. God of War principal programmer Florian Strauss said the team is trying to create a more "grounded" game with "fantastical elements." "We wanted to read subtle emotions on characters' faces and used specific technology to help achieve this, such as pose-space deformation, which was previously only used in films, and very accurate lighting to make the characters look right," Strauss said.

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