God of War probably coming in 2018

Kratos voice actor, Christoper Judge, drops a major hint for God Of War release date via his twitter. Will we have to wait for another whole year for this highly anticipated sequel?

God Of War Release date news
Sony revealed the next God Of War game all the way back at last year's E3. In fact, they showed off impressive gameplay footage and a behind closed doors demo. Since there was no indication as to when the game would come out, fans were left with speculation and hope that 2017 would be the year.

Well, it seems that Christopher Judge, the voice actor for the titular character, Kratos, has put those speculations to rest and our hopes for 2017. release date to dust. On his twitter, he described himself as "Kratos – God Of War (2018) with the same description previously stating 2017. When the news started making the rounds, the actor deleted the year altogether, indicating he could have accidentally revealed more than he was allowed.This is no official confirmation but it is a good indication from a person close to the game that we will have to wait a bit longer to satisfy our god slaying needs.

Stay tuned with us at KeenGamer for a follow-up and future news on God Of War. 

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