God of War Lead Level Designer Joins Xbox’s The Initiative

God of War’s Lead Level Designer, Chris O’Neil will be joining Xbox’s new exclusives development studio, The Initiative. The move comes among a slew of other recent games development talent pouring into the studio as Microsoft continues its campaign in the development community to bolster its approach to console exclusives.

God of War Lead Level Designer Joins Xbox’s The Initiative

O’Neill’s previous experience in games development most recently was working with Sony Santa Monica on 2018’s God of War as Senior Staff Level Designer. He has also spent time working at Kojima Productions, no doubt being involved in some way with Metal Gear Solid V or perhaps even Death Stranding. The news of his fresh involvement with Xbox’s The Initiative comes from a recently updated LinkedIn profile

Recently, KeenGamer reported on the collection of goings ons at Xbox in the last year and things are shaping up for the PlayStation arch nemesis to come back swinging into the next generation. The article proved controversial but it is worth bearing in mind there is no reason for the next generation to mirror this one. Xbox has clearly cottoned on to what it has done wrong this time around and hiring the likes of Chris O’Neil (doubtlessly to go on being a lead level designer) is a step towards righting the wrongs of this generation. 

God of War Lead Level Designer Joins Xbox’s The Initiative

He is joined by a slew of recent arrivals at The Initiative – a list of talent not to be sniffed at. Such highlights include a Rockstar Games veteran, Tom Shephard, who has worked on the likes of Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V and Read Dead Redemption. He is joined by colleague Christian Cantamessa who has also worked as Lead Narrative Designer behind Red Dead Redemption. All of this hints at The Initiative gearing up to take on Sony’s story-telling exclusives of the eighth generation in the ninth generation. 

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