God Of War Gets More Details From Interview

God of War game director Cory Barlog reveals that the boat shown at the E3 2017 trailer will be the main way to get around the world. Cory also confirms that the game is not an open world but allows a high degree of world exploration instead.

God Of War Gets More Details From Interview
God of War game director Cory Barlog reveals quite a few more details on an interview brought to us via Gameslice. In the interview, Cory stresses the importance of the relationship between Kratos and Atreus for the story. The boat seen in the E3 2017 trailer will apparently be the main way to move through the world. The game will open up the the world as it will encourage exploration. However, when asked if the new game would be open world, Cory cleared things up as he said,

God of War is not an open-world game. We still focus heavily on story-telling…What I really wanted to bring out in this game is this concept of being on a tour bus and being able to pull the string and get off whenever you want and look around, and always know the bus is right there and you can get back on at any point…This is a very expansive period, so we really wanted to make Kratos and his son feel like they had to make their way through this very violent, very large world.

The game director also confirmed that the footage shown thus far was on a standard PS4 and the final product should look even better specially on the PS4 Pro. Lastly, Cory revealed that the huge serpent shown at the end of the trailer may be actually a friend rather than a foe. Some pretty interesting bits of news for the game clearly overall. Be sure to check out the full video interview just below.

God of War Developer Interview with Cory Barlog

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