Gloria Victis – latest update

Gloria Victis - latest update.

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What was in the last update? Quite nice features – Crafting Expansion, Combat Mechanic Updates and Sailing

In Crafting you will now find new recipes which were made again from scratch. And the chances of success are according to your level. Now the number of recipes has grown to around 500 and more will come soon!

Also there were implemented "provisional items". It means that if you fail your crafting you can get a lower quality item or some of the materials back.

Fight is now more fun. You can use now directional attacks and different directions with different types of weapon do less or more damage. Depends on the situations. This will bring you more tactics to the fight.

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Players got also buffs and debuffs. It's not something unknown but just a simple example if you will be near a campfire you will get a small bonus to life and stamina regeneration but standing too close you can burn yourself. This helps also to the implementation of healing wounds, use potions, poisons etc.

Do you like ships? Yes? Then you will enjoy them from now on also in the game. Not just fighting with or on them but that will come in the near future. However during this process the system of moving on the ships and in general around the object is helping also implementing riding on horses, using workshops and other actions theat require an interaction with objects.

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All this will bring fights over islands, control them, own your own guild territory and much more.

Last but not least weapons are now diversified into 15 types and each has its own unique sounds. That brings over 500 new sounds to the game.

And if everything goes well the NDA restrictions will be soon removed!

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