Gigantic – is it MOBA? Watch the gameplay.

Gigantic - is it MOBA? Watch the gameplay.

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Motiga is making another game which should enter the playground of MOBA's game. Is it MOBA or not? You have two teams of five players and every team tries to control resources, level up during the match to get new skills and superiority over the enemy team.

But it's all in over-the-shoulder view which is different from SMITE and the game is more cartoonish. And it reminds of Team Fortress. The map is not small but not even big. And you must know where to move, what to do and how to advance in the game. It's not a three line grinding minions type of game. Which is good because we have a lot of similar games these days.

Why the game is called Gigantic? Because every team has its own Guardian who has special attacks, traits and new guardians will be added for the release version. And they are HUGE! That's gigantic :-).

Enough of words. You can get more info from the real gameplay. And IGN made one very nice video from the assassin point of view.

And if you still crave for more, visit this Massively site.

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