Giant God of War Poster In LA Appears

Giant God of War poster appears in plastered in the middle of Los Angeles. Sources claim it's the same site where the Horizon Zero Dawn poster was raised back at E3 2016.

Giant God of War Poster In LA Appears
Neogaf just informed us all that a giant advertisement for the upcoming God of War game is being plastered on the side of a building that is in the middle of Los Angeles. The advertisement picture is still unfinished as it is missing a few letters in order to be completed. The PS4 logo is also included just above the name of the game. Some news outlets are claiming that this is the same building where Sony put a Horizon Zero Dawn poster during E3 2016. At that E3 we learned of Horizon's definitive release date so perhaps the same might happen with the new God of War entry. Check out the link for neogaf above or the link below for the actual poster image as well as more details about what all this could mean.

What do our readers think? Will God of War release this year? Let us know below.

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