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Ghostbusters Developer Files for Bankruptcy

Fireforge, the developer behind the 2016 Ghostbusters game, has recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to being over $11 million in debt. Their filing took place three days after the game's release.

The four Ghostbusters ready for action
A mere three days after the release of the Ghostbusters movie tie-in game, it was announced that the developer Fireforge had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The papers linked to Fireforge's bankruptcy indicate that the decision was made due to the developer owing over $11 million in debt.

Fireforge had previously been working on a pair of MOBA-esque games – one for the company Razer, the other for a company called Tencent. However, not only does Fireforge seem to owe Tencent about $11.3 million, but Razer's CEO, Min-Liang Tan, has started a case against Fireforge on the grounds that the developer had used money intended for Razer's game to work on Tencent's game.  

Available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Ghostbusters was released on July 12th to universally negative reviews. Fireforge has not commented on the game's reception, the matter of their bankruptcy, or on any past or future projects in the works.

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