Ghost of Tsushima Revealed

Ever since the release of Second Son: Last Light, the beloved studio Sucker Punch have continued to maintain radio silence with the public. Today, we finally learned what they had been up to all this time. At this year’s Paris Games Week, Ghost of Tsushima was finally revealed to us - it looks every bit as amazing as you’d expect from this experienced game studio.

Ghost of Tsushima Revealed
In the reveal trailer, we are treated to lush Japanese environments. We see richly detailed bamboo thickets, pagodas and local wildlife. With an implied focus on story telling, typical of Sucker Punch, we can expect Ghost of Tsushima to be a melee focused single player title. At the end of the trailer we see what we can only assume to be the game’s protagonist, taunted by the antagonist, as the surrounding village burns down around them. Who’s up for a Samurai vengeance story set during the Mongol invasion of Tsushima, 1274 feudal Japan?

Ghost of Tsushima Revealed - The baddie
Creative Director, Nate Fox, says that Sucker Punch wanted to “stay open world so we’re giving power to the player”. We’re also told Ghost of Tsushima is an action / stealth adventure game. The team hit upon the idea and decided “who wouldn’t want to be a Samurai with a Kitana on their hip?”.

Ghost of Tsushima Revealed - Open world
After working on the game for three and a half years, Sucker Punch have finally been able to reveal Ghost of Tsushima. No release date has yet been set. Check out the below trailer to get a feel for this incredibly exciting title.

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