Ghost Games has released new content for PC players

Earlier today, the Need For Speed servers undergone an update. The update for the PC version of the game added a lot of new content.

Need for Speed PC update
The update has brought Showcase, Hot Rods and the GT-R 2017 into the game. Showcase and Hot Rods are huge updates that migrated from the console version of the game. The Showcase updated improves a photo mode, sharing player-created wraps, visual customization elements for some vehicles, differentiating multiplayer options, license plate customization, and repairing a car at gas stations.

On the other hand, the Hot Rods update adds the 1932 Ford, and the BeckKustoms F132 to the car list. Other additions include a manual transmission option, five drag racing events, an additional five car slots, wrap editor improvements, Snapshot Pro improvements, and various gameplay tweaks.

Lastly, here is a video about GT-R 2017:

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