Get Ready For God Of War VR At E3 2017

With the recent news that Santa Monica has a big VR game in the works that will delight the PlayStation faithful, I predict that they will show a God of War VR game at E3. This game might allow us to relieve Kratos' days as a general fighting against the enemies of Ares.

Get Ready For God Of War VR At E3 2017
About a week ago, Sony Santa Monica Studio shed some light on a secret big VR game that they had been working on. Up to this point the California-based developer had only teamed up with other teams in order to deliver VR games such as Modern Zombie Taxi Co., Here They Lie or Bound. However, it looks like the God of War studio is now going to actually release a game made in-house. They described this new game to be part of a second wave of VR titles. Furthermore, they stated that the game would go well with the core PlayStation audience. Let's recall what the Santa Monica representative said:

[Sony] Santa Monica are working on something big. It's a full-blown 2nd wave title for [PlayStation VR]. It'll be revealed soon and I know it'll go well with the core PlayStation audience, but I can't say any more than that!

The core PlayStation audience, in turn, would be very familiar with iconic Sony IPs. This seems to suggest that the game in question is based on an existing IP and the Santa Monica studio is really only known for the God of War franchise. Could that be it? Before you discard the likelihood of a God of War VR game, consider the following first. Santa Monica already did a demo of of God of War in VR that was actually showcased at the 2014 GDC. Check out the video just below if you missed it.


The video above showed a glimpse of what God of War III would have looked like in VR. While I doubt that Sony would actually release a VR version of God of War III, I do think that the demo that they cooked up was a test for the new technology. Therefore, after having mastered the technology to some degree, I believe that some kind of God of War in VR is being made to show at this upcoming E3. The statement made by the Santa Monica employee is very telling and should be proof enough. If we think of it rationally, it would also be very weird for Sony to present to us what they can do with VR on a big franchise only for it to just have been for show. The question is where will this new God of War fall in terms of Kratos' greek saga as it's very unlikely that it will be based on the new norse setting.

The new God of War would be definitely in a first person view. This should not be all that hard to do as a template of first person movement and combat was already implemented at the end of God of War III (Spoiler warning ahead). At the end of the long fight with Zeus, the game suddenly presents you to a first person view where you clearly see your blades in front of you and your foe just ahead. In that moment you are able to perform in first person two of Kratos' signature moves with his blades and you end the fight by punching the living daylights out of the King of the gods.

So between the VR demo showcased at GDC 2014 and the first person combat and traversal moments at the end of God of War III, we can clearly see that Santa Monica has entertained quite enough the idea of Kratos in a first person view. As we all know, a first person view fits perfectly with VR and God of War might just be ready to deliver in that front after what we've seen. It's hard to conceive what other game the Sony-owned studio could be making that can both be big and excite the PlayStation faithful. In any case, as part of the second wave of VR, the game will no doubt be shown at this upcoming E3.

For those that think that there are no gods, titans or mythological creatures for Kratos to fight unless its to remake some the already existing games in VR, I invite you to think outside of the box. This might actually be a good opportunity to go back to Kratos' days as a Spartan general with or without the blades that Ares gave Kratos at the time of his oath. Just thinking about the kind of epic battles Santa Monica could devise is exciting enough. Anyone that read Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey would surely know that Greek warfare in mythology often brought the participation of the Olympian gods who then took sides. Imagine Kratos leading Spartan units against barbarians or even against the famous walled city Troy. Furthermore, there are still Greek gods and heroes that could be brought in such as Artemis and Achelles just to name a few. The possibilities are endless no doubt. Even better, this new game has been in development for at least 2 years from the VR demo showed at GDC 2014. So the chances of this game making it this year might also be high.

As always I'm very curious to know what our readers think about this prediction? Let me know in the comments section.


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    That was a one-off first-person thing for Kratos in GoW3. I don’t see how a full game could work like that properly, since the thing about Kratos is combos AND dodging. Unless its on rails, that just won’t work so well. And if its on-rails, then its just like most VR games.

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      Well what about the Chronicles of Riddick? Perhaps God of War VR could evolve from that in some form. I just think that Sony will have to make a VR experience out of some of its biggest IPs.

      • Avatar photo

        I don’t know about Chronicles of Riddick. It was a very basic game gameplay-wise. There were no combos and dodges, more classical stealth-knife with some shooting pieces. Far from God of War usually is, which is much more arcade-like 3D fighting, with some QTEs thrown in.



        And the problem with QTEs is that, in third-person they are fine. In first-person, they may either be too up-close gross or just a bad viewpoint to see them at. And if the game switches between first and third person, that is liable to make people sick.

      • Avatar photo

        What I mean is that a God of War in VR is possible and I’m sure they would polish the gameplay to adapt it as much as possible to how combat was in the other format. It can be done. I just can’t imagine what other big game Santa Monica could have that would go well with the core of PS gamers. That itself suggests an existing IP and if it’s not God of War, it would be the studio’s first handling of another Sony-owned IP.

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