Get Over Here Launch Trailer

Developers Reload Game Studios, who are based in São Paulo, Brazil, have released the launch trailer for the upcoming PSN game - Get Over Here. The exciting battle arena game, which reinvents the magic of classic games, is set to be released on PS4 near the time Christmas.

Get Over Here's launch trailer has been released
Get Over Here is a fast paced battle arena game. Players can choose one of the top characters and get ready to pull and finish all of your enemies. The game which is already out on Steam, allows four players to battle online or locally, with seven different studios and dangerous traps. In addition, players can spice things up with special abilities that may make or break your strategy. Some additional details of the game follow:

High Concept

What happens when a crazed showman gets the chance to make the TV show of his life? Get Over Here is a show where only the most skillful will survive! 4 players face each other in the arenas, their goal is to pull enemies with hookshots and finish them off. The winner is set by the the game rules.


In Get Over Here, the player takes control of a character with a 'Hook Gun', your objective is to pull your foes or reach them and kill them off. Your score is related to the goals set for the arenas, which may be: kills only, lives, kills minus deaths and kill streak! The first one to reach the goal or the one with highest score when time’s up gets the crown!

Get Over Here, which is published by QUByte, is currently available on Steam and will be released on PS4 on the 9th of December 2017. The launch trailer for Get Over Here can be watched below:

Get Over Here – Launch Trailer | PS4

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