Get a Free Xbox Series X by Playing Forza Horizon 4

Almost too good to be true. You have the chance to get yourself an Xbox Series X by playing Forza Horizon 4. Xbox Hall of Fame is offering Xbox Series X to the greatest players out there. The rules are very simple, but all it requires is a talented player.

Get A Free Xbox Series X By Playing Forza Horizon 4

Xbox Hall of Fame is here and you have a chance to grab yourself an Xbox Series X for free by playing Forza Horizon 4… but it requires some extreme talents and a bit of luck. For those who don’t know about Xbox’s Hall of Fame, it’s a contest hosted by Microsoft where players can participate and win great prizes. Microsoft is giving out dozens of consoles during this contest and, of course, anyone can participate!

All you need to do is enter the monthly rival event called “Xbox Hall Of Fame Circuit” and drive the McLaren Senna! The rules are that simple, however, despite the short circuit, it’s going to be extremely difficult to master it. Every millisecond you set on your laps will count. The amount of participants are far above 1000 players with the same desirability as you. Nonetheless, you should never say never!

For more information regarding the contest, head to Xbox’s official website. The contest is eligible in 15 different countries and we, therefore, highly suggest you read before entering the contest. It would be a shame to top the leaderboard and then realise you can not even participate. But for those who are able to participate, you must visit Xbox’s site either way if you manage to set the quickest lap around the circuit. You must be registered so you don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

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